To-Go Cup “Save the Planet” – Bioloco Plant Deluxe


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The practical to-go cups are made from the plant-based material PLA and are melamine and BPA-free. PLA is obtained from plant sugars such as corn starch, manioc or sugar cane.
Chic mic’s bioloco plant products have been produced in a climate-positive way. The greenhouse gas emissions generated during production were compensated for in double the amount through participation in climate protection projects. The projects are a solar cooker project in China and a UN hydropower project in Guatemala, both with the aim of promoting sustainable energy sources.

The Deluxe To-Go Cup is:

  • made from a plant-based material
  • odourless and tasteless
  • recyclable and industrially compostable
  • toxin-free; 0% melamine and 0& BPA
  • dishwasher and microwave safe
  • produced in a climate-positive way
  • Material: PLA
  • Capacity: 420 ml
  • Dimensions: Ø approx 8 cm Height approx 17 cm



Blue, Green, Red


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